I Caught Shadow Latias & Apex Shadow Lugia in Pokemon GO

I Caught Shadow Latias & Apex Shadow Lugia in Pokemon GO


Shadow Latias has been released to Pokémon Go for the very first time. After defeating the Team GO Rocket boss, Giovanni, I’m able to not only catch Shadow Latias but also complete the Apex Shadow Legendary Masterwork Special Research to finally catch Apex Shadow Lugia too.

Join me as I travel, eat and play Pokémon GO the way a local trainer would in their own country and city. Visiting one country and one city at at time through Pokémon GO.

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Vlogging Set-Up:
Camera – Sony A7C with Sony FE 14mm F1.8 GM Lens
Mic – Rode VideoMicro
Screen Recorder – iPad Mini 6

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